Nannies Plus Us (“the Agency”) will only undertake business on the following terms and conditions. No variation of these terms will be valid unless confirmed in writing by the Agency.

1. The request by the Client to the Agency to supply details or to arrange introductions with Applicants will be deemed to be acceptance of the Agency’s terms and conditions, fees and payment.

2. The Agency acts as agent only for the purpose of effecting introductions between Clients and nannies and mothers’ helps (“Applicants”) and the fees to the Agency are for the introduction only.

3 (i). Although the Agency takes every care to interview potential Applicants and obtain references, the Client is responsible for satisfying herself/himself as to the qualifications, references and suitability of the Applicant.

3. (ii) The Agency introduces nannies but do not directly employ them, The Agency cannot insist on a DBS check, but the agency encourages all applicants to have a DBS check. The applicant is responsible for a DBS check and the client is responsible for employing an applicant who does not have a DBS check. The agency will inform clients of the DBS status of any applicant.

4. The Agency does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the Agency’s introduction or provision of services, or from the acts, omissions or conduct of staff introduced by the Agency.

5. The Agency must be notified by the Client immediately engagement is arranged.

6. The fee for the introduction of an Applicant becomes due upon the engagement of an applicant (not the date that the employment commences). The fees payable to the Agency will be charged in accordance with the Schedule below. Nannies Plus Us accepts most major Credit Cards.

7. The Agency’s fee is payable for the initial engagement and the fee for any Applicant returning at a future date will be charged to the Client at the usual rates. Should any engagement or re-engagement occur without notification to the Agency by the Client, the full permanent fee will be charged to the Client irrespective of the length of employment.

8. In cases where Applicants are engaged on a temporary basis and continue for a period longer than that for which the fee has been calculated, or on a permanent basis, the Agency must be notified immediately and the appropriate additional fee will be charged and will be payable on the usual terms.

9. Clients retaining the services of an Applicant in any capacity, whether paid or unpaid, will be charged for the period the Applicant is retained even if said to be unsatisfactory.

10. All information supplied by the Agency to the Client is confidential and must not be passed either directly or indirectly to any actual or potential Clients or Applicants. If any information is transferred or passed on in breach of this condition, the Client in breach will be held responsible for the Agency fee on the same terms as if the Client had herself/himself engaged the Applicant on a permanent basis.

11.Engagement fees for temporary staff are charged at £25+VAT per day, or part day for the first 4 weeks (20 working days) and thereafter at £20 +VAT per day or part day.

12.Engagement fees for permanent residential placements within the U.K. are charged at 10% gross yearly salary + VAT.

13.Engagement fees for permanent daily staff are charged at 10% gross yearly salary + VAT

14.Engagement fees for a permanent part time and full time daily ‘shared-nanny’ charged at 10% gross yearly salary + VAT

15.Engagement fees for part-week daily staff (working less than 5 days per week) charged at 10% gross yearly salary + VAT

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16. Engagement fees for a permanent one day a week nanny are a flat rate of £400 + VAT 17. Our minimum engagement fee for a permanent placement is £400 + VAT 18.Engagement fees for temp and maternity staff are charged at £80 per week + VAT. 19.Engagement fees for overseas maternity staff are charged at £90 per week + VAT

20. Cancellation Fee
20.1 If the offer of engagement has been made to the applicant and accepted and the client for any reason decides to cancel the placement, the client shall be liable as follows:
20.1.1 If the due start date is 14 days or less from the cancellation the full fee is payable plus one weeks salary to the applicant.
20.1.2 If the due start date is 15 days or over from the start date a cancellation fee of £100 administration fee is payable.

21. All fees are payable within 10 days and any breach of this obligation releases the agency from any obligation to refund the whole or any part of its fees to the client.

Nannies Plus Us Standard Refund Terms

1. The agency shall not be under any obligation to refund the whole or any part of the fees payable to it unless the client shall have:

a. Notified the agency in writing within 14 days that an applicant has not commenced employment or (if having done so) has terminated that employment
b. Paid in full the fees payable to the agency

2. If a successful applicant for a nanny, mother’s help, maternity nanny or temporary nanny position fails to take up their duties with the client within a reasonable period from the agreed start date, a full refund or replacement nanny will be offered, at the agency’s discretion.

3. Within the first six weeks from the start date of employment, the following conditions apply for nanny, mother’s help, maternity nanny or temporary nanny positions:

a. If the client does not consider the applicant to be reasonably well suited to the position and consequently terminates the employment, the agency undertakes to replace the applicant, on the same terms and conditions, within a reasonable period of time, at no further fee.
b. If the applicant chooses to terminate their employment, the agency undertakes to replace the applicant, on the same terms and conditions, within a reasonable period of time, at no further fee.

c. If for any reason the applicant’s employment is terminated and the client engages another employee through a source unconnected with Nannies Plus Us, the agency will refund half the original fee paid, less our standard rate for temporary employees of £25 + VAT for the first 20 days and £15 + VAT thereafter for the days worked by the applicant.

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